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Say goodbye to unwanted guests

By Emma Lane

The first step to overcome an infection is of course to assess, test and identify the parasite, fungi or bacteria. A full range of tests is available from Parasite Testing Europe who work with PCI in Arizona. World-renowned parasite expert, Dr Amin, leads PCI and their laboratory offers the widest range and most reliable test kits available.

In the interim it is also important to identify your client’s imbalances and rebuild the their wellbeing. Consider the following:

- Modifications in diet
- Support and start to correct any digestive imbalances?such as stomach acid, digestive enzymes?and bile production?
- Ensure adequate elimination?
- Low dose probiotic support
- Support immune system?
- Support liver detoxification pathways?
- Support other areas that are challenged e.g. energy, adrenals?etc.
- Identify the source of infection – other family members, work etc.

Another key consideration at this stage is the emotional and physical reactions to the healing process. These can vary from person to person and for some the die-off reaction can be a real roller-coaster ride.

The ‘5R Program

This is comprehensive approach to removing the infection and brings the body back to wellness. The following steps are just a broad outline and more in-depth information is given on The Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut and The World Of Fungus, Parasites and Bacteria course.

It comprises of five steps which are interchangeable depending on the individual needs.

1. Remove?

2. Replace?

3. Repopulate

4. Repair

5. Rebalance

Step 1 – Remove

The remove phase of the program focuses on removing anything that is increasing the load on the client’s system, e.g. pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, allergens and toxins, food allergies, processed foods etc.

It’s important to note that removing fungus and parasites may NOT always be the first step!

Step 2 – Replace

Educate and replace poor wellbeing lifestyle choices with applicable better wellbeing choices for the individual. It is also important to replace excess stress producing activities with a more balanced personal regime.

Step 3 - Repopulate

This step is to appropriately re-colonise the beneficial bacteria within the digestive tract.

Step 4 – Regenerate

This step focuses on direct nutritional support for the structure and function of damaged cellular structure and might include antioxidants, food-based probiotics etc.

Step 5 – Rebalance

This is a very important part of holistic wellbeing healing and is frequently forgotten. Mental, emotional and spiritual factors and all parts of the ‘whole-self’ approach to wellness are considered. It should be given the attention throughout the entire process of healing.

Practitioners must also consider how they educate clients on avoiding reinfection and maintaining their body balance.

This is just a small introduction to the many considerations and steps that practitioners can take to help patients overcome unwanted guests like fungus, parasites and bacteria.

Interested in learning more? Emma Lane’s essential course, The World of Fungus, Parasites and Bacteria is running in November and December.